The Sights and Sounds of Beautiful India

India is an eclectic mix of color, interspersed with outstanding ancient and colonial architecture, including the beautiful Taj Mahal and the historic, beautiful pink city of Jaipur. Both old and new structures blend seamlessly, and give the country uniqueness, both in terms of the diversity of its landscapes and its vibrant culture.

The country is incredibly atmospheric, and walking amongst the locals is a great way to soak up the rich atmosphere – there are an abundance of markets and interesting sites at every twist and turn. From the fragrant and aromatic scent of spices, to the decorated saris that add a splash of magnificent color, this country is full of surprises.

With an estimated population of over one billion, each area of India is unique and different to the last. Whilst its increasingly powerful economy continues to blossom, India still remains a poor country with many people living below the poverty line.

Luxury style tourism is growing at a remarkable rate, with a plethora of beautiful, high-end hotels, which means the days of travelers having to stay in substandard accommodation are over. With a much-improved infrastructure, there are many domestic flights that can easily transport travelers to the different areas of this vast country. This is giving India a more up market status, allowing travelers to indulge in the opulent surrounds whilst relaxing in a luxurious atmosphere.

Despite the increase in luxury travel, the people of India are friendly and welcoming – a trait that will always remain at the heart of this magnificent country. Whichever part of India travelers visit, there is always a feeling of genuine charm that seems to be instilled within its culture.

There are beautiful spiritual cities that offer a level of peace and serenity, amongst truly beautiful landscapes and unique locals. From the snow capped mountains of the Himalayas, and the white sand Palm fringed beaches of Goa, to the tea plantations which richly cover hillsides, India also offers desert experiences which almost takes you back to times gone by.

Beautiful forts and temples are scattered amongst the country and there is abundance of unique wildlife including track tigers, beautiful birds and of course the very iconic and magnificent elephant. There are plenty of things to be immersed in – from riding an elephant to trekking amongst the hills or the desert; there is something for everyone in India.

Travelers will fall in love with the splendor of ancient surrounds, which have a culturally rich history, and includes the iconic, and very ambient Rajasthan that will not disappoint. This is a place to soak up some history whilst marveling at the ancient gems. From romantic forts, which seem to jut out spontaneously, to the ancient relics that make up the fabric of this historical marvel of a country, each city has their own special color include Jaipur ‘ the pink city’,  Jodhpur, which is known as ‘the blue one’ and Jaisalmer,‘the red one’.

The beautiful mountains offer a haven of rich and abundant greenery, with colorful market towns, reflecting the deeply rich culture and giving travelers a deep insight in to people and their way of life.

The holy city of Varanasi which sits on the fringes of the River Ganges, is a great way to immerse in the Hindu culture, and the ceremonies that take place here – dead bodies  are burnt at the entrance to the river in a place which is deeply spiritual and steeped in tradition.

The ancient city of Agra which is home to the most beautiful love monument in the world, The Taj Mahal, is a charming place to visit and has evidence of its historical past throughout. Best seen at sunset or sunrise, the glistening beauty holds gravitas in a deeply thought provoking part of India.

India is blessed with stunning beaches, and Goa is a fine example of endless palm trees that fringe the beautiful white sand. There is a Portuguese influence here and it is dominated with an interesting collection of white washed churches and colorful temples. The atmosphere retains the sort of laid-back ambience that would be expected from a beach destination, but with an element of luxury that is subtle, yet welcoming.

Kerala offers a stunning network of backwater canals, offering tranquility, with houseboats that you will stay on and cruise along the wildlife rich canals and saunter  past little villages and rice paddies, offering solitude and serenity far away from the  bustling cities

We will assist you in planning all the experiences that contribute to a luxurious, relaxing and insightful holiday in India. We are here to help you organize every single detail and to ensure that you get the very best from your stay in this beautiful country. Our experts will also help to ensure that you have experiences, which offer a level of cultural diversity, balanced with outstanding and wondrous sights.